About Jimmy


The Jimmy the Crab project began in the spring of 2015. Part of the idea was to design a model/toy crab that could simulate the unique experience of eating a blue crab. This would certainly be a helpful tool for first-time crab-eaters, but there was more than just the basics of picking a crab that I wanted to capture. Anatomical accuracy was of the utmost importance -- the finished product needed to look and feel realistic enough to embody the spirit of its real-world likeness. I wanted Jimmy the Crab to be a part of peoples' special crab-related memories that they could keep and take home with them.

I'm not sure what exactly inspired the idea for Jimmy the Crab, certainly the special place I have in my heart for blue crabs had something to do with it. In fact, I don't remember a time when seeing a blue crab didn't make me happy. For sure, some of my most precious moments from childhood are crabbing with my dad and sister on the Assawoman Bay. What a thrill it was to pull your bait line up, inch by inch, while peering into the water until being able to discern that indeed you had a "big one" at the other end.

Memories of my dad inspired me throughout this project, so as a tribute to him, I named the crab "Jimmy". It just so happens that male blue crabs are also called "jimmys", so the name Jimmy the Crab was an easy choice.

You'll notice that Jimmy sports a wide grin. Whether you're an out-of-towner that just sat down at a paper-covered table for the first time, a crab aficionado, or someone that just appreciates the design, I hope that Jimmy puts a smile on your face, too.