Jimmy Is Back and Made in the USA

It has been two long years since Jimmy the Crab production was interrupted overseas. Like many other companies, COVID-related supply chain issues had a very detrimental impact on our business; we were barely able to maintain stock of the signature Jimmy the Crab design -- the Maryland Flag Edition -- and the release of new Jimmy the Crab designs and products had to be entirely shelved. For many months, we had grave doubts that Jimmy would ever return to production. If production did resume, it was decided that Jimmy would be made in the USA. 

Fast forward to June of 2022. Jimmy the Crab is back! Not only is Jimmy now made in the USA, but right here in our home state of Maryland. We have officially released three new designs -- Alive & Kickin' Edition, Palmetto State Edition and Straight Outta the Cooker Edition -- with product in stock and ready to ship. We have also released our first t-shirt design with plans in the works for at least two additional Jimmy the Crab designs to be unveiled this summer. Stay tuned!

We are grateful that Jimmy the Crab made it through this trying period. We are even more grateful to have customers that enjoy our unique product and support our business. Thank you.